Recycle Your Old Inventory

Sell & Recycle Inventory

Orlando Recycles’ pledge is to keep waste and toxic materials generated from electronic equipment from reaching our landfills. This pledge was made at the company inception seven years ago and continues to be our daily commitment. We keep material out of landfills in two ways, recycling and remarketing.

At weekly customer visits throughout the Orlando area we enjoy the opportunity to educate consumers in today’s electronic recycling practices. A big part of that education is dispelling the misconception of what happens to surplus electronics after it leaves their facility. Many times customers will ask us how we process their equipment or state that “you must be getting rich from removing all that gold in the desktops and laptops.” While I would love to tell them that we are indeed making tons of money as a result of recycling electronics, the truth is far less glamorous. Most profits from the process of recycling end of life electronics merely pays for the labor involved.

Our main profit center is reselling a piece of viable equipment. A desktop or laptop that is in newer working condition has interest and value in today’s used retail market. In the field, I’m constantly telling my customers to let us know immediately when their surplus electronics are available to maximize the price we can pay them. Understanding that the value of used working electronics decrease almost daily is important as well as liquidating surplus in a timely manner to ensure the highest value and profit potential.

Thank you for reading and please contact us for more information on our business to business liquidation process and how to get the highest pay back for your surplus equipment.