How to Sell Your Inventory

If you have inventory to sell all you have to do is call or email our experts at and we will take it from there. The process starts with an evaluation of the viable equipment you have and a real conversation about the potential worth of that equipment.

Our process is to bring the equipment to our location for evaluation and testing. After we determine the condition of your equipment, we will offer you a bid price. Upon acceptance of the bid price, a check is issued to your company.

If it is not possible for us to evaluate the equipment at our location and you require an “on the spot” bid for your equipment, we can accommodate this scenario also. Bear in mind that our bid price may be lower due to the fact that we have not had a chance to evaluate and test the equipment.

We also offer a consignment sale option. In this situation, you provide the equipment and a detailed inventory. From there we will sell your inventory on a consignment basis and your company is paid per the consignment agreement on a monthly basis.

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